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Everything You Need to Know About the Instagram Tyre Workout

It’s difficult keeping up with all of the trends that come with social media. This seems to be the case even more recently as thanks to the global pandemic and people been unable to leave their home, the amount of individuals who are taking to social media as a form of entertainment has multiplied ten-fold. That being said, whilst some dances and challenges might just make you roll your eyes, some of these workouts are actually incredibly beneficial.

One in particular is the recent tyre workout that has been taking Instagram by storm. After what seems like an endless amount of walking around parks during lockdowns, as gyms are welcomed back with open arms, people are looking for something to get themselves back into the swing of things.

The tyre workout, which, no prizes for guessing, involves using a car tyre, is actually an incredibly effective full body workout. Gym goers find themselves drenched in sweat, body aching and blood flowing after a stint with the tyre, which is just how they like it.

How Does It Work?

The best place to start is at your local garage where you will need to ask to purchase one of their tyres. Chances are they’ll give you one for free but if you have to pay this shouldn’t come too much. Have a feel of them before you pick them as it has to be the perfect weight for you. Most regular car tyres usually weigh around 10kgs but if you get something from a much more heavy-duty vehicle such as a truck or a tractor, these could come to around 80kgs. There isn’t a strict formula to follow when choosing, just have a feel and pick whichever feels right for you.

Once you’ve got the tyre home, you’ll be surprised just how much of an effective home gym it can be as you have the ability to use it to practice lunges, squats and swings presses. Also, if you are walking it outside you can use it to do kettle bell swings, clean press it or even walk with it whilst flipping the tyre.

The Benefits of the Tyre Workout

The good thing about the tyre workout is the fact that by doing it you are targeting your entire body, including your legs, bum, arms and shoulders. It’s great for building muscle as a result but can also be used for weight loss as you will burn around 400 to 1000 calories per session. It’s also less intense than other high calorie burning workouts as you can go at your own pace.

It is not a HIIT workout, which a lot of people if new to exercising can find a bit too intense. Instead, the workout focuses predominantly on strength and conditioning, with results becoming apparent after a few sessions. You will be able to burn fat, tone your body and have an incredibly satisfying workout as a result.

How Will You Feel After a Tyre Workout?

The feeling is pretty universal. After a tyre workout class, people tend to leave incredibly satisfied and cathartic. Not only will you get a good work out in but it also tends to be great for relieving both stress and tension as people walk out the door afterwards with feelings of calmness and relaxation. All in all, you will have taken part in an incredibly effective full body workout that will leave you feeling empowered.


No matter what your level of fitness is, whether you are just starting out, have some practice or are a vet at reps, the tyre workout could be a great addition to your current routine. It is relatively low cost, not too intense and incredibly effective for both building muscle and losing fat.

The trend was initially seen on Instagram and has since been incorporated across the world as an alternative lockdown workout; however, there is nothing to suggest this is a workout that can be forgotten in a post-pandemic world. There have been plenty of new ways to stay fit birthed from lockdown and as such, if you want to stay up to date with these new trends, you should consider following a blog such as our blog for updates on all the key information in the fitness world.

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