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How to work out with out weights

Your first response to the idea of working out without weights might be: why on earth would you bother? Gyms have lots of specialist equipment designed specifically to help you to build muscle and exercise different parts of your body – so why would you not use it?

We can see that for many people, exercising with out using gym equipment might seem a little bit of a fad – albeit one that has been around for quite a while now. Well, we really do believe that there are very good reasons for ditching the equipment for a while and giving working out without weights a go. Continue reading “How to work out with out weights”

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Bigger isn’t always better…

It’s a sight that will be familiar to many of you who have spent a lot of time in gyms.

Bodybuilders – looking to quickly increase the amount of muscle they have – will simply increase the amount of weight they’re lifting. They will load the new weights on, and start lifting. By adding weight, goes the logic, they’re adding intensity, and so encouraging hypertrophy (or building bigger muscles) in the areas where they want to work on.

This seems to make sense. It seems intuitive that by increasing the resistance your muscle are working against that they will grow as a result. And to a certain extent, they will. But the chances that you will do yourself lasting and possibly serious damage will grow too – by pushing your body too hard and overstraining yourself there’s a very good chance that you will tear a muscle or sprain a tendon. Continue reading “Bigger isn’t always better…”